Born and raised in Sacramento, Bridget is an original CA girl. She lived in San Diego for a while as she was working on her Environmental Engineering degree, but then she moved back to the State’s Capital in 2008. Her day job is as a supervising engineer, but her passions include yoga, photography, and cooking (and eating) delicious vegan food.

As a child, Bridget’s dream job was to be a photographer for National Geographic. She has always loved animals and being behind the camera. One of her favorite things about a photo is that it captures a moment that you can re-live forever. She took a few photography classes in school for fun and has taught herself photo editing such as Lightroom and Photoshop in her free time.

Bridget got into fitness when she was 18 and her ex-boyfriend told her that she was “skinny-fat.” Then began her addiction to working out. She has always loved to dance, but quickly got addicted to lifting weights, kickboxing, and then found her way to yoga. When she first got introduced to yoga, she was not very flexible because she used to consider stretching a waste of time. She has struggled touching her toes since she was little and she still gets frustrated with how tight her hamstrings are. She practiced Bikram for about a year then took a year or so off to join a kickboxing gym and do that religiously for another year or so. She was introduced to Vinyasa yoga in July 2004 and has been obsessed with it ever since. She started her yoga teacher training journey through Zuda Yoga in 2016.


Bridget went vegan at a really young age (around 8) and no, her family is not vegan. She was grossed out by the idea of eating dead flesh, bodily fluids, and unborn fetus. She would bring grocery bags full of dried fruit and nuts with her to friends houses or on overnight field trips so that she can eat. If there was nothing vegan friendly, she would refuse to eat and sometimes would get a bad migraine from not eating. As a child, she ate way too many french fries as they were one of the few things she could actually eat out and about. She has been cooking for herself since she was little and she continues to experiment with new flavors and recipes. You won’t find her near imitation meat, but she has a new found love for nut cheeses and creamy nut-based sauces.